Solo Shop

As a city creature, I have no need for a car. But when I manage to get ahold of my mum’s set of wheels, it only means one thing: large grocery haul!

As someone who shops for food frequently (about three of four times a week), my house is usually stocked with the good stuff. But there’s just something about filling a grocery cart full of kitchen staples that feels soooo good.

The priority: stockin’ up and trying something new

After writing and scrapping several lists, I finally nailed one down in order of store flow (this is a weird OCD habit I picked up from my dad). Fruit and veg on the left, refrigerated goods on the right and everything else organized by aisle… extreme? Whatevs, organization is key.


Some key ingredients in my cart:

  • Lentils – cheap, diverse, high protein
  • Arborio Rice – risotto is life
  • Skyr Yogurt – high protein, low sugar yogurt from Iceland
  • Dijon Mustard – the most versatile condiment used in our home


Snaps to No Frills for introducing an organic cooler!

Earlier that week I attended the LCBO Flavours of Northern Italy with Chef Giovanna Alonzi of Terroni. As a lover of all things Italiano, I couldn’t wait to dive into some serious flavours. To read more about my cooking class experience, click here!

Following the class, I decided I wanted to tackle a bowl of Casunzei Ampezzani (Agnolotti with beets and ricotta in poppy seed, butter, sage and parmigiano sauce).

Casunzei Amprezzani ingredients: Flour, salted butter, beets, ricotta, goat cheese (not in the recipe but let’s be real, beets and goat cheese belong together), fresh sage, and organic milk

Here’s a recipe from Frankie Cookies that is similar to what I learned in class:

To read more about my experience making Casunzei Ampezzani, click here.

Back to shopping…

Always in the cart: Bananas or apples, gotta have fruit in the house / in my purse / on my desk

Things I never buy: Processed cheese, packaged salad dressings (except for the occasional Renée’s ceasar) and frozen entées

Guilty pleasure: I’m sure you noticed the case of Coca-Cola… don’t judge me, this is my boyfriend’s habit, I only take occasional sips.

Total spent on this haul: $91.86

While pulling out of the Dufferin Mall parking lot, I noticed the Dufferin Grove Farmer’s Market was happening… I drove away swearing because I want / need to make more of an effort to support these wonderful producers. There’s always next Thursday!

There’s always next Thursday!